After these COVID-19 months, a situation that unfortunately has not yet ended, Proptech is more necessary than ever. It is no longer a “near future”; it is a reality. Customers already demand real estate sector digitalization.

The forced general digitalization, of all sectors, due to the COVID-19 mobility reduction, undoubtedly leads us to walk, or rather to run, so that technology helps us give better service to our client, being further away from him than ever.

We can no longer say that the real estate sector is only “bricks,” and some people selling them. We have digitalized in 3 months the plans for five years, and this only reinforces the importance of proptech.

But we must go further. We must apply technology to be able to help humans to put our client at the operations center. The real estate industry’s future depends on Proptech developing technologies that help us achieve that our clients are self-sufficient. These clients will rely on professionals when necessary to trust back up for their decisions; they will not let you fall.

The Proptech has become a social movement. Users do not understand the sector without technology, through the digital transformations that have taken place, offering them products and services that make their life more comfortable in the real estate journey. This movement has brought together all the brokerage players, helping to digitize all real estate agents in all possible facets, even those that their clients do not see.

This movement would not have been possible without the first brave people who brought technology to the real estate, and without the many brave people after them that followed the wave.

In Spain, there are already more than 350 companies that are changing and transforming the sector. There are already thousands of workers in these companies, offering the best of them for clients, whether individuals or professionals.

I have faith that this movement also reaches public administrations so that the whole circle will be closed, and the digital transformation will be finally completed.

Gustavo Lopez

Operations Director at the Real Estate Agents Association in Catalonia