It is well known that a property purchase is always emotional. Only when it is an investment, the purchase is rational, but this situation represents a smaller percentage on the market. Therefore, visits and those first seconds are decisive in decision-making. According to Mónica Deza, an expert in Neuromarketing, it takes us 2.5 seconds to decide on the purchase.

Proptech has started to modify some behaviors in the purchasing process. Virtual tours appeared some time ago. It is the best way to immerse yourself in a remote visit. Two forms of doing it appeared: On the one side, Matterport that makes a 3D scan of the entire property, the process is slow. But the results are fantastic!, in addition to giving multiple options, since the image is directly uploaded to the cloud, it is processed, it can be customized… although their cameras are not cheap. On the other hand, we have more affordable 3D cameras, Ricoh type, which is another concept, since images must be collected from each room, and you need a software to be able to join the points, save them in the cloud.
Many software creators have appeared in the market to join all these images, which can also give more services, such as the online open house, with the agent showing the property virtually.

Those “remote visits” have been a boom after Covid-19. But also other services related to visits, for example, the smart locks. In Spain, one of the most advanced portals in doing so is Kasaz, who under some conditions, already allow these physical visits, using proptech. However, Spain’s laws give squatters many advantages, causing a delay in implementing this technology.

The next thing is augmented reality. Once the client is in the property, it will help the visitor receive a lot of information; from the floor itself, it will offer data such as taxes, construction material, demographic and economic data. We will be able to ask questions and receive live answers. Without a doubt, Proptech is an excellent tool helping everyone make the experience more immersive, more complete, with more data, and more profitable for all, in short, to be more efficient and effective for all parties.

Gustavo Lopez

Operations Director at the Real Estate Agents Association in Catalonia