As you know, in our proptech map, we have classified the companies into three categories (PRODUCT, AGENCY AND CLIENTS) depending on where these companies have focused their Core Business.

We have been able to verify that 59% of the companies at the map have focused their efforts on the real estate product, followed by only 24% who work for real estate agents operations and only 17% who have focused their activities on final clients.

Taking into account this information, we make the following reflection…. In an operation where we have three different parts (property, client and professional), why do most companies are focused just in present the real estate product? Is the property really the center of our operations?

The categories where there are more registered companies are those that have seen a market niche in developing real estate CRMs, 19%, followed by those that work towards the real estate image, 15% and real estate portals 13 %, all related to either the product or the real estate agent operations.

Looking at these data then we wonder the following question, why are there so few companies that have focused on customers when, they are the protagonists?

Traditionally, the customer has always been the last link in the chain, since, with a good product and expert salespeople, customers could be attracted without much effort.

Currently, since we live in a hyper-informed society and in which customers take center stage since they know exactly what product they want, proptech companies must focus their efforts on creating new business models, digital tools and software that give prominence to these customers.

Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms and Big Data, we can have a very exact X-ray analysis of our clients, and, therefore, of their needs, tastes or particularities and we can use all this information to speed up the buying and selling process can be a totally disruptive and innovative business model.

We have made great progress in the real estate digitalization process, especially in relation to real estate and professionals, but we still miss companies that innovate in disruptive projects related to clients … Is it you? We look forward meet you.


API – Real estate agents association in Catalonia